You Did Enough (Jazz Organ Project 66/250)

[Photo & Design Credit:]. I have a constant nagging feeling that I’m not doing enough. I’m not doing enough practicing, earning enough money, etc.

Friends my age, or even 20 years younger than me, make much more money than me in their non-music careers. Musicians much younger that me are far better than me technically, and have dedicated years of practicing to their craft when they were young, where I wasted much of my time watching TV or playing video games.

But what we do about this feeling that we are not doing enough and we are not enough?

1. Work on letting go of the nagging feeling, because it can cause you to feel depressed and neglect the very thing that you care about getting better at. Instead of thinking “Wow, I should have practiced XXX for another 20 hours!”, think “I did what I could, and I’m going give 100% on stage.”

2. Identify ways you can utilize 20 or 30 minutes of free time, such as to get a few measures of a passage under your fingers.

3. Wake up early to practice.

3a. Get enough sleep to be able to think rationally.

4. Think about letting go of projects that take a lot of your time, and don’t offer much in return.

5. If you have family and job responsibilities, realize and accept that you are not going to have as much time to work on music as someone who is single and has tons of time. On the other hand, realize that the single person with tons of time might envy you because you have a great family and stable job.

6. I always thought this was enormously corny – but approach everything from a position of gratitude.

7. At the end of each day, realize that what you have accomplished is enough.

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