Trust Your Brain (Jazz Organ Project 67/250)

I’ve found that the most time I can spend practicing before I hit a wall is about three hours a day, usually divided into two sessions. If you’re like me, it doesn’t make sense to push beyond a certain amount of time.

But after you finish working on music at your instrument, your brain is still hard at work.

You might not realize it, but your subconscious mind is constantly sorting through the things you played and observed, attempting to assemble everything together into an amazing musical picture.

I’ll often find that something I struggled with one day will be easier the next day. Sometimes I’ll even have a random light bulb moment during the day, when I wasn’t even consciously thinking about music.

Give your mind plenty of time to process your musical efforts. For me, that means I need sleep, exercise, good nutrition, long walks, alone time, a quiet environment, and it always helps to stay away from news and social media.

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