Time To Learn More Songs.

Brad and I have been working on a bunch of new songs for the trio. One of my favorites is a fantastic jazz waltz written by Brad called All I Ask, with very difficult chord changes. I’m also psyched about Herbie Hancock’s Riot, which is promising me a steep learning curve. All in all, I have a pile of music to learn about as thick as Cosmo.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out when I’m going to have enough time to learn all of the new material. If we are trying to add three new songs a week, that is about 2 days of practice for each song to be polished and ready to perform. My 3-hour practice routine already seems like an insufficient amount of time- I always feel like I’m doing the bare minimum.

First, I have to be realistic and understand there is only so much time to get stuff done- some of the songs might have to wait. Maybe I could devote every 3rd or 4th day to learning new material, and try not to be horrified that I’m not making progress on my music lesson assignments. Maybe I could work on new music 15 minutes each night before going to sleep?

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