Tim Smith

Saxophonist and singer Tim Smith moved to North Carolina in 1995. I had just graduated college and was living with my mom. A mutual friend connected us, and we started getting together and jamming.

Soon after, we invited guitarist Kevin Van Sant into the fold and created the jazz trio J’Azure. Together we did tons of exciting things, including travelling to Russia as jazz ambassadors, touring Europe multiple times, and performing at Jazz Brevard. We spent an interesting week in Amsterdam. We would even play on the street when we had a free afternoon (which often earned us more money than our actual gigs!)

In the 17 years since we met, we both grew up and became focused on our careers. I disappeared to NYC for 10 years, and returned to town playing organ instead of bass. Tim appointed himself with the elite musicians of the local music scene, and The Tim Smith band emerged.

I was surprised when the philosophical, quixotic friend Tim I had left behind had become a strong leader- a family man with a hearty sense of humor. Both of us now have reasons to hunker down and earn cash, we are no longer the carefree wanderers we were.

I’m having a great time playing with Tim Smith, and I hope you get a chance to check out the band soon. Courtesy of TheArtOfCoolProject.com, here are some pictures of a recent gig.

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