The Death Of Live Music

If you Google “The Death Of Live Music” you will find a bunch of articles about how things are different now. How we used to go out to bars and see live bands, but we don’t anymore, etc.

The type of music that I play, organ trio jazz, is not the most trendy style of music. We aren’t known for our flashy clothes or hairstyles, and people don’t go see a jazz organ trio because it will make them cool.

People who come to see us play are hardcore music lovers- jazz fans and often musicians as well. What this means is that after four years of gigging around the Triangle, we are usually able to draw 5-10 people to each show. This is good because at least I know that these friends are spending enough money to at least cover our paycheck for the night.

One time I decided to do a live internet broadcast using the Spreaker app from my iPhone. At the end of the set, I discovered that over twenty people had listened to our gig!

This got me thinking. I love to play live, and it’s a cool way to earn some money. However, the best way to reach a large jazz audience is to stream your music live over the internet.

I decided to start recording shows and uploading them and the response has been great. More to come…

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  1. Bruce says:

    I always read and appreciate these monthly letters– great videos. Bruce Hudson

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