Staying Upbeat (Jazz Organ Project 69/250)

In order to be productive and creative, I need to be in a good mood.

Since I thrive on using lists, I downloaded the Coach.Me app to my Iphone and populated it with a list of things to do each day that reliably get me into a great head space. This list is in no particular order, but I’ll put an * by the five biggies:

*1. Save at least $1 for retirement.
2. Shave
3. Water Pik
4. Affirmations
5. Cold Shower
6. Write a blog post
*7. Floss
*8. Go to the gym
9. Time-restricted eating (usually eat only between noon and 8pm)
10. Meditation
11. Let go of one thing
12. Listen to jazz
13. Make up bed
*14. Practice music
15. Read a book for 30 minutes
*16. Sauna for 30 minutes
17. Take Vitamin D drops
18. Take Turmeric capsules
19. Weigh myself
20. Write one sales email
21. Write in my journal
22. Do pushups

By reading and listening to music, I’m assured that I’ll always be learning. Saving $1 for retirement certainly won’t make me rich, but it keeps financial planning at the top of my mind. You can see that I also want to be conscious of my health and my weight, because I want to feel great and be proud of my body.

I also cherish the daily ritual of sitting down and writing whatever I feel like writing. I dwell on things I’m thankful for. Notably, I find that the thing I’m the most thankful for is my family’s health. One thing I’ve grown to appreciate is that as Americans, we are free to say or write whatever we want, and it always makes me feel good to exercise that in my journal, or here on my blog.

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