September News

Dot Combo rides again at Hot Tin Roof in Hillsborough! This is the very same group that played every Monday night for four years at the old Blue Note Grill in Durham.

My trio plays this month at Irregardless Cafe, and at the 2017 Carrboro Music Festival.

I’m going to be dusting off the old stand-up bass to play with some of my favorite musicians this month: Noah Powell, Peter Lamb, Jay Wright. I’m also sitting in on bass with a touring band called the Blue Crescent Syncopations. Looking forward to meeting those guys.

I’m looking forward to accompanying the awesome Jo Gore at Arcana Lounge, a new venue for me.

My trio has just finished recording a new record! The manufacturing process will probably take several months because of the Christmas rush, but I’ll be proud to let everyone hear it in a few short months.

See you soon.

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