Riding My Bike “Pays Off”

I rode Mobile Unit 3.0 (my bike with a trailer behind it) to the Blue Note Grill in Durham from my house in Carrboro last week. After a little bit of rain, I took this picture of a double rainbow from Dobbins Rd, somewhere between Chapel Hill and Durham. Then, when I was almost to the gig, I found $8 sitting on the street. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to ‘going green’.

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2 Responses to Riding My Bike “Pays Off”

  1. dlargent says:

    I usually ride down Old Durham-Chapel Hill Road, which has less traffic, and I enjoy the challenge of pacing myself over the rolling hills. I’m a little scared of the boulevard just because people drive so fast. When I was a kid, my parents had one rule- I could ride my bike anywhere, but stay away from 15-501. I guess that rule is still stuck in my mind 30 years later!

  2. Tom Ed says:

    Did you ride the wide shoulder down the boulevard? Makes the ride to Durham somewhat easier.

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