Practice Hard So You Can Let Go

Last night, Brad and I were talking about our practice routines. Both of us have specific regimens where we practice certain things every day to improve technique.

He reminded me that the whole point of practicing is so that your technique will become second nature- in other words, when it is time to actually perform, you won’t have to think about technique. You can simply think about melodies and play them.

I really think that there is no mystery behind the process of becoming proficient on a musical instrument. All that is necessary is to elements: a teacher to help you figure out what you need to practice, and the discipline and persistence to practice those things diligently.

It’s also great to have a support group of like-minded musicians who are going through the same learning process. If you have a 10 to 20-year plan to master an instrument, a good friend can encourage you and hope you stay focused on your goal.

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