Cool gig at City Tap!

We had a nice gig last night with Michael Ode sitting in on drums for the first time. David Quick singing a couple of songs in the second set as well. What a fine crowd!

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January News

It’s been five years since I decided to take the plunge and commit myself to becoming a full-time jazz organist. Here’s the story:

2009 New York City, taking care of nine-month-old baby. I was obsessed with the idea of putting down the bass and becoming an organist. I went to see Nate Shaw on organ at the Great Jones Cafe, with Matt Kane on drums and Tony Romano on guitar. This excellent trio was playing the music of John Patton, and I fell in love immediately with the sound.

January 2010- I started taking weekly lessons with Nate at his home studio. He had a chopped A100 and Motion Sound Leslie. This was an important time for me, because Nate shared a bunch of organ-specific things he had learned from Jack McDuff, and other organists. Thanks Nate!

June 2010, my family moved to Carrboro, NC and I soon met Brad Maiani and we formed our jazz trio. My playing was (and still is) ragged, but I practice hard daily and learn from every experience. I’ve never worked harder or had so much fun in my life!

Hope to see you all soon.

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Recording from Looking Glass

Brad and I both got Apogee MiC 96K to record with. In general, I will record our gigs with the mic close to the organ, and he will record with his mic close to the guitar amp. We discovered that we could mix them together as a stereo track and get a nice recording of our gigs.

Still experimenting with mic placement, but check this out: (Tyler Leak on drums)

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December News

We are looking forward to playing at the Sharp Nine Gallery on 12/6- it’s gonna be super cool. You can still catch us every Tuesday at Looking Glass in Carrboro, and we still manage to have our foot in the door for a monthly show at The Station.

See you all soon!

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Thanks – Pt. 1

As a daily exercise, I like to list things that I’m thankful for so I won’t take them for granted. The primary joy in my life is that my family is super healthy! My wife, daughter, doggy and me are in tip-top health. It’s such an amazing thing, and I’m grateful.

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Nice Short Video

Dan Davis on drums, John Palowitch on alto sax at Double Barley Brewing. I’m trying to comp an F phrygian vibe, I think.

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November News

Sadly, the Monday night open jazz jam at The Blue Note Grill has come to an end. I certainly enjoyed playing there, and I’m grateful for all of the new friends I met.

West End Wine Bar shows have moved to Wednesday nights, and we are still going strong at the Looking Glass Cafe in Carrboro every Tuesday.

Looking forward to playing a private party in Virginia with HOBEX, and taking a trip down memory lane as I dust off the old upright bass for a gig at Irregardless with Michael Auchter on drums and Stephen Anderson at the piano.

Also I hope to write a few more blog posts for you- October was a busy month and I couldn’t post. See y’all soon!

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Daily Tarheel Article


Proud to be featured in this overview of Carrboro Music Festival bands:

Of the 170 local bands around the Carrboro Music Festival this weekend, four stood out.

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October News

We have some nice gigs happening. Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse, The Honeysuckle Tea House, Double Barley Brewing, and our regular gigs at West End Wine Bar and Looking Glass Cafe. Also look for us at The Station on our new night- the last Sunday of the month.

I’ll be laying low in mid-October because I’m playing bass for the NC Theater production of A Chorus Line. Look for singer Abby Davis to be subbing for the trio at the Wine Bar on a few nights.

Thanks for coming out to our gigs and supporting us!

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Good article

This is a pretty cool article about figuring out what you want to do with your life. I thought it was interesting how he says that you need to figure out what kind of sacrifices and struggles you are willing to tolerate. I think it is especially true for music, where you have to work so hard for so little reward.

Also really liked the part about “Before you are able to be good at something and do something important, you must first suck at something and have no clue what you’re doing.” This is so true in music, and every jazz musician must go through this. We all remember the first time we played in public in front of people- it is terrifying. Then after years and years of gigging, you learn to take the embarrassing moments and learn from them.

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