October News

If you’ve followed this blog for the past few months, you are already aware that the Doug Largent Trio is firmly rooted in local politics. When we first performed at The City Tap in Pittsboro, I met Pittsboro mayor Randy Voller. I was struck by the fact that he is such a normal, genuinely nice guy, totally unlike the grease-ball jerks you see on television commercials.

But the most remarkable thing to me is his support of music. Most mayors might give you a lot of hot air about how they support the arts. Randy Voller, on the other hand, hosts a JAM SESSION… EVERY WEEK… AT HIS HOUSE. Now that’s a mayor that cares about the arts.

Also quietly working behind the scenes to make Pittsboro a great place is Beth Turner. After graduating from UNC a while ago, she played guitar in several bands, started a program called Girls Rock (www.girlsrocknc.org), and has organized artisan fairs in downtown Pittsboro for years. Now she has decided to run for the Pittsboro Town Board of Commisioners.

We are proud to be playing at her political fundraiser this month. If she gets elected, I might have to leave Carrboro and move to Pittsboro! Check out www.bethforpittsboro.com.

In other Pittsboro-related news, we’re playing at the Chatham County Fair on October 1st. This is going to be really cool, and I’m honored to be playing right after one of my favorite local artists Steph Stewart.

Shows at Piola and Archira have been terrific, especially since we have been able to convince the management to let us play outdoors, weather permitting. If you’ve never been to East 54 and visited these restaurants, you’ll be in for a treat, and East 54 is not nearly as creepy as their advertisements make it seem.

Our biweekly residency at the Station continues, as does our monthly gig at the Oxford. We’ve even been able to get our foot in the door at a few private parties. So please come out and hear us play and enjoy yourselves.

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