November News

It feels weird to look at my calendar and realize that we only have three gigs in November, but that only means that each one will be very precious. I promise that we will be in the woodshed learning new songs to play for you. Also, at this very moment, T.J. is out purchasing awesome new shirts and pants at prices so low, it will make your eyes water.

I know you are probably thinking “Wow, the Doug Largent Trio is lame. They have no gigs, and they’re just a bunch of lazy bums. Let’s just turn off our internet and go outside and play with BB guns.” But wait, we’re not just sitting around smoking pipes and reading Esquire. I’m actually busy doing some other stuff!

Here are some highlights:
– going to the Virginia Center for Creative Arts to perform and do music stuff with my friend, the Emmy-Award-Winning-J.-Walter-Hawkes
– doing “A Doll’s House” at Duke from November 11-20. It’s directed by Ellen Hemphill, and features music composed by my buddy Allison Leyton-Brown
– Other stuff, which I can’t remember because my calendar is downstairs right now.

We’re still playing at the Station, City Tap, and the Oxford. Come by the jam session on November 14 and bring your saxomaphone. Our gigs out at East 54 are currently on hold, but we’re hoping to be back at Archira soon.

Thanks! Hope to see you all this month.

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