November News

I’ve been working hard at finding cool shows for us, and I have a couple that I’d like to feature this month.

Our Beyu Caffe gig is turning into a regular monthly show, thanks to the great turnout at our last few shows. Thanks for showing up and supporting us!

Fair Game Beverage Co. in Pittsboro is about as grass-roots as you can get. It’s located on an abandoned military installation, and it’s fascinating how they use the old buildings. Great escape from the typical bar scene.

It’s getting near the end of the season for Honeysuckle Tea House. They will be closing for the winter soon, so come join us while you still can. Proud to have Avery Logan playing drums with us that night.

Also looking forward to giving Bull McCabe’s a spin. Regular nights at Looking Glass and The Station still remain our favorite local places to play- especially since they are right here in Carrboro!

See you soon.

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