November News

I have posted lots of pictures, videos, unwanted opinions, and unsolicited practice advice to this blog, and I will continue to do so until I get lazy again and stop. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

We have a new gig this month at Venable in Carr Mill Mall. It’s a great restaurant, and it will be a lot of fun. All of our other regular gigs are still going as well.

We miss TJ a lot, but Dan Davis, Todd Proctor, Aaron Tucker, Jeff Crouse, and Dan Dickinson have all stepped up to fill TJ’s drum chair (you know, the broken one that leaned a little to the left). Please join Brad and me in welcoming these guys, and congratulate one and all for surviving the brutal Doug Largent Trio hazing process which involves them having to play complicated, obscure arrangements of songs they have never heard.

Oh one more thing: when Brad, Jeff Crouse and I arrived for a gig at Carolina Outlets in Smithfield, we saw this marquee and knew that we had FINALLY arrived:

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