New Routines (Jazz Organ Project 42/250)

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I’ve found a good routine that I’m enjoying. I’ve stuck to it for a few months now and still look forward to doing it:

1. 5-minute journal every morning. Sometimes on a phone app, and sometimes in a book, I’ll make a list of things I’m thankful for, a list of things that would make my day great, and a daily personal affirmation. This has made my outlook a lot more positive.

2. 30 minutes of reading daily. This is perfect for me, because 30 minutes of reading seems to be a good amount of information that I can process for the rest of the day.

3. Write at least one sales email. I can’t tell you how easy it is to slack off on writing marketing emails. I’ll sometimes let months or even a year go by. I’m writing one per day, which often takes about two minutes. If you do this, I promise you will be more successful.

4. Three times a week, some rudimentary body weight workout. Currently, I just do three sets of push-ups and pull-ups, but that’s boring and I’m keen to find different stuff. I can do it in the morning while people are still asleep, and it makes me feel energized.

5. At least two times a week, go to the gym. I love cycling class because it reminds me of the feeling of when I used to run 4-7 miles per day. I can’t run that far anymore because my knees can’t handle it, so cycling class is great.

6. Practice one hour daily of stuff I’m working on for myself. If I only have one block of time during the day to practice, this will always take priority.

7. Practice one hour daily of stuff for other gigs, like learning music for gigs I accepted as a side musician.

8. Diet-wise, my body loves it when I drink green smoothies for two meals and snacks, and have one cooked meal per day. I have to be careful about what I eat.

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  1. Aasim says:

    I think I’ll try some of those green smoothies.
    Please keep sending your concert dates to the jazz calendar.


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