My Appearance (Jazz Organ Project 37/250)

Yesterday, I shared a cool music video with a friend.  His reaction was “That guy has no business being on stage.  He is way too overweight.  It’s a shame because he’s amazing on his instrument, and he has a deep understanding of the music, but he has no business being on stage.”

Lest you jump to the conclusion that my friend is a total jerk, I need to tell you that he is a very nice guy and has a gift of telling the truth exactly as he sees it.  It’s an incredibly bold way to live.

This got me thinking.  I don’t people by the way they look.  When a band is onstage, I only listen to the music.

Only, this is not true.

If I were given the choice of spending $40 to see a band that looks like crap, or an equally good band that looks totally hot, I’d likely go see the hot looking band.  Because I’m a human being and I like looking at beauty more than I like looking at ugliness.  Why would I deny that?

A light bulb went off over my head.  I need to take a look at my own stage appearance.

In the TMI category, I’ve gained 16 pounds over the past five months.  I went from 190 pounds to 206.  I had worked hard to achieve my ideal weight of 190, and then everything went downhill as I tackled a tough semester of two new jobs.  I didn’t eat well, and I didn’t exercise.  I feel very different, much less energy and confidence.  Not such a good thing for performing on stage.

I don’t have any medical condition that causes me to gain weight.  I simply was not careful about what I ate, and I was not diligent about exercising.  I’m starting a 27-day cleanse (which will be finished by the time you read this), and maybe I’ll scrape together fifty bucks to buy a nice shirt.

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