May News

After taking it easy for the month of April, we are back at it in May. I’ll be bringing the trio into two new venues: Milltown in Carrboro, and g2b in Durham. We’ll be playing outdoors on the patio at Milltown for Saturday brunch. At g2b we will be accompanying the great singer Noah Powell.

The Standard continues to be a great place to play. Awesome food and drinks, and a staggeringly-high sanitation rating!

I’m looking forward to playing with Claire Holley, an L.A. singer/songwriter who is passing through North Carolina on tour, and the powerhouse Hobex All-Stars band.

Rounding out the month, I’ll be playing with guitarist Kevin Van Sant at the Beyu Caffe, at the Blue Note Grill Jam Session, and several very fun shows with saxophonist Jim Ferris. See you there!

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