March News

Welcome to the website. Let me tell you what we’ve been up to.

We have a new demo video to the right, courtesy of Beery Media with special thanks to Matthew Krieg for some deft editing. It’s made up of footage of us recording some songs over at Brad’s house for Nic Beery’s documentary Sayonara To Hello. I’m glad to have it, it’s much nicer than our old one.

The Blue Note Grill jam session band now has an official name: dot.Combo. It’s me, Ben Palmer, and Todd Proctor. Now that we have a name and a song list, all we need is to get business cards made, then we can officially break up as a band. That’s always the way it is- business cards are a band’s kiss of death. Check us out at Sullivan’s on March 3rd.

Speaking of Todd Proctor, I’m super psyched to tell you-all that he’s going to be joining us for some shows this month. What can I say about Todd? He’s the only drummer I know that can play 4 gigs in a 20-hour period, and show up happy and ready to play on each show! And he’s really good!

In non-organ-related news, I’ll be playing acoustic bass with Dr. Ira Wiggins at the Beyu Cafe. With all of the fantastic bass players in the area, it is definitely an honor that he would choose me to play with his quintet. Right now, I’m not sure who all of the other musicians will be, but I know NCCU Saxophone instructor Bryan Horton will be part of the group. If you get to hear us play, I’d like you to know that I’ve played with Bryan since 1992 in various groups, and also when both of us lived in NYC, so we have some serious history together.

Sayonara for now. P.s. follow us on Twitter.

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