Man Vs. Music (Jazz Organ Project 50/250)

“It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.” – Emil Zatopec, Olympic Gold Medal Marathoner

I’m obsessed with the documentary Man Vs. Snake, which follows a few players who play the video game Nibbler. Their goal is to get over a billion points. To accomplish this, they have to play the game for over forty hours straight. I used to consider myself pretty good at video games, and I can’t last more than about three minutes at Nibbler.

For these guys that ‘marathon’ Nibbler, it seems like the first twenty for hours or so are pretty easy. Then at about 36 hours it becomes extremely difficult.

Anything that requires concentration and physical stamina gets a lot tougher during the final stretch. I notice this when I’m at a gym class, doing meditation, or practicing for a long time. That last little bit is so tough mentally and physically.

Train your body and mind to handle the final sprint. Power through the mental fatigue, and realize that this final sprint to the finish is probably the most important work you will do when you practice.

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