Keep Doing The Reps (Jazz Organ Project 62/250)

After a while, you will get tired of doing ‘reps’ on your instrument. You will get sick of it. You’ll feel like you would rather take a nap. People will tell you that you are wasting your time practicing the fundamentals of your instrument. You might skip a day, then one day turns into two, and that turns into a week.

You might get impatient and wonder why your progress is so slow.

Don’t fall off the wagon, keep practicing the fundamentals:
1. Turn on your metronome and practice all scales and arpeggios, slowly at first and then increasing the tempo.
2. Practice finger strength and independence exercises.
3. Practice classical repertoire written for your instrument. Carefully practice the left hand, then the right hand, then practice the hands together.
4. Practice sight reading.
5. Practice the fundamentals of bebop soloing.
6. Practice along with recordings.
7. Practice the songs you had a hard time with at your last gig.
8. Get up super early and practice 2 hours in the morning before the sun comes up.
9. Be as specific as possible about your long-term goals.

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