Just Watch (Jazz Organ Project 49/250)

It’s important to observe master musicians live and in person. You’ll learn things that are somehow impossible to latch onto by listening to recordings or watching videos.

I remember seeing Ron Carter play live for the first time in around 1997. It was before videos were widespread on the internet, so the only way I had ever experienced Ron’s playing was through classic jazz recordings and maybe the occasional concert photo.

It was amazing to see him play for the first time. I never anticipated how tall and confident he would look, and his sound and playing technique were very different than I imagined. After I left that gig, I felt like I had improved 25% as a player, just from having observed Ron Carter play.

I closely observe great keyboard players when they play, and I end up learning something new each and every time. My favorite light bulb moments are when I see someone easily doing something that I have trouble doing. Something about watching the person play with ease translates quickly into my own playing, almost as if by osmosis.

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