July News

We’re roaring headlong into July with two weekends of outstanding shows. On the first two fridays, we’re playing the late set at City Tap in Pittsboro. It’s an outdoor patio show where you just might rub elbows with some of the most important people in Pittsboro. The past few times we have played at City Tap, the actual mayor of Pittsboro has been there, unwinding from a grueling week of issuing fishing licenses, presiding at shotgun weddings, and executing criminals. But we are extremely lucky to be friends with Mayor Randolph Voller, and we are hoping to get him to take care of our backlog of Pittsboro parking tickets.

If you’ve never been to the Oxford in Raleigh to hear us play, this month your excuse becomes twice as flimsy and unacceptable, because we’re playing there 2 WEEKS in a row. The Oxford serves brunch buffet-style, with an omelet station and a waffle station, and those strawberries which are crisscrossed with white and regular chocolate. Also, there is a bar where you can make your own bloody mary, with a lot of cool things such as olives, horseradishes, and those impossibly small baby onions. On July 3rd, we will be celebrating the birthday of a friend, and we have promised to perform a Funk Odyssey of our choice for her. Please do not ask her her age, for to do so would be gutless and tactless.

After we play at the Oxford on July 3rd, we’re going to pack up the truck and high-tail it over to Burlington to play an hour and a half set at The Company Shops Market. I’ve never been there before, but it’s supposed to be a lot like Weaver Street Market in Carrboro, except without the dump trucks and steam shovels. When are they going to finish working on Weaver Street anyway? So when you are exhausted from shopping Burlington for shoes, towels and cigarettes all day, come hang out with us.

Our shows at East 54 are on again, so we’ll see you there on July 17. I’ll probably be playing as a duo with Brad. Last time we did it, it was Father’s Day, and I saw the most rad Segway I’ve ever seen. It was a Segway Mark 2, and it was set up as a wheelchair. So instead of the guy standing on it, a guy was riding sitting on it.

It looks as if Johnny’s of Carrboro is closed for good now. I’ll miss playing out there.

Also, in the near future I’m going to be posting a few new videos from a recent gig. See y’all later.

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