July News

Between playing with the Doug Largent Trio and dot.Combo, I’ll be playing the organ 15 times this month!

The soundtrack for “Sayonara To Hello” is now for sale at Beery Media Merchandise Store. It has a bunch of tracks that we composed and recorded.

Our every-other-Thursday residency at the Station is a great place for you to come hear us play new songs and some of our more obscure covers. We also enjoy the more quiet, intimate atmosphere of Unwine’d Wine Bar in cary.

It will be an exciting month for my other group dot.Combo, because we are playing at the Festival For The Eno and outdoors at Poyner Place in Raleigh.

Brad Maiani has recently added nylon-string classical guitar to the trio for bossa nova and swing music, and I think it sounds rad. Also, we’ve been adding percussion Robert Hudson to gigs whenever we can.

See you all soon.

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