Jazz Organ Project 9/250

Thanks for following my blog posts. I’m holding myself accountable to make progress and stay focused for the next 5 years. As this series draws to a conclusion, I will have been playing the jazz organ for 10 years and reached the 10,000 hour mark of sitting down and playing the organ.

Actually, probably many more hours than that.

I did reach a milestone this week. I had been practicing soloing over bebop changes in random keys, practicing four-measure phrases each day until I can play them at 240 beats per minute.

This week, I found that now I’m ready to do eight-measure phrases. In addition to making myself play ‘fast’, this exercise has a lot to do with looking out in advance for the target note for the next measure. If I’m playing D- to G7, and I know the idea passes through the 3rd when I get to the second measure, I’m thinking about a measure ahead to how I’m going to land on a B for the next piece of the phrase, or use B as the eventual target.

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