Jazz Organ Project 26/250

So I finally practiced 1000 repetitions of a bebop exercise over the chord changes of a song. After sticking with it for 10 days, I finally got the job done.

How did it go? It was great! It was a complicated exercise over the chord changes of Stella in the unusual key of A (very sharpy) and my goal was to play it at 240 BPM. Rough going at first, but by the last two days, roughly the last 250 reps, I was cruising at 240 and pushing it up to about 270.

Its funny how 240BPM seemed impossibly fast at first. Anything is possible if I just park my butt on the organ bench for long enough.

When I first started out, one of my goals was to be able to play a jazz solo smoothly at 240BPM. I feel like I hit a milestone.

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