Jazz Organ Project 25/250

This is post number 25 out of 250. That means I’m ten percent finished with this series of weekly blog posts.

When I first started blogging this six months ago, I wasn’t exactly sure what these five years would represent in my life. Now I realize that these five years are an incubation period for me as a musician.

When I first got serious about the organ in 2010, I was an accomplished bass player, but a complete beginner at the Jazz organ. In retrospect, I’d wanted to play the organ ever since I was a kid, and I had been haunting Jazz organ websites on the Internet for years, learning what I could and being extremely intimidated. On New Year’s Eve 2009, I had a fantastic gig which paid me a ton of money, so I decided to buy a used Korg BX-3 (not a great instrument, in my opinion)

Six years later, I was at a strange place where I was kinda good at the bass, and kinda okay at playing the organ. This is a frustrating place to be as someone who has been a professional musician for 25 years.

What I realized now is that I needed to hit the gas pedal and make a concerted effort to become a great organist. I wanted it to be a time period of 5 years with a definite beginning and ending, and with results I could measure and evaluate after five years.

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