Jazz Organ Project 23/250

Recently I went into the studio and helped a singer record some songs. It was a fun recording session for me because I got to hire a bunch of musicians that I love to work with.

Recording music in the studio is it’s own special thing, completely different than performing music live at a club. It’s a sterile environment where you have the opportunity to hear everything that you play in great detail – both the good and the bad.

One thing that I learned from my years of recording bass in the studio, and now the Hammond organ, is to let go of all judgments and expectations. You might think that what you played sounds a certain way, but usually what you hear on playback is totally different than what you thought. Never judge your own playing as good or bad in the moment.

Similarly, when listening to a take that you recorded, concentrate on the good things that happened during that take. It’s not productive to pick out the things that went wrong – let your subconscious take note of those things and they won’t happen again.

Have a sense of humor. Laugh a little bit and enjoy the experience.

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