Jazz Organ Project 20/250

Hand Position. I need to stop playing the wrong way before my bad habits sink in too far.

The keys of an organ are much easier to play than piano keys. Piano keys can be very heavy because they have to move wooden parts to make a hammer hit a string. Electric organ keys are essentially electrical switches- the only resistance is a spring or a weight in the mechanism added in order to provide a natural feeling resistance.

Consequently organ players can get by with sloppy technique and hand position. It’s difficult for me to force myself into good hand position, because I’m always concentrating on other stuff. Also, because of the visual perspective while playing with my hands in front of me, it’s hard to tell if my fingers are curved the way they ought to be.

I’ve found that my hands and forearms have been sort of painful recently because of the things I’ve been practicing. Tension creeps in, and my hand position goes to crap. When I correct the position, the pain goes away immediately.

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