Jazz Organ Project 10/250

It was a great week musically. I started out by deciding to make a change in my practice routine:
30m scales/arps
30m learning Jimmy Smith organ solo using slow-down sap
30m learning new music for my trio
30m classical etudes

Monday-Friday this week I had a 6.5 hour daily gig playing the piano for Arts In Action. This prevented me from practicing for 5 days, but I got so much amazing time on the keyboard.

Post number 10 means I’m 4% done. I know that I’ve been working very hard, but it’s tough to gauge if I’m 4% closer to ‘musical genius’. I guess I’m 4% closer to somewhere.

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  1. Chery says:

    I like your gigs at Looking Glass cafe but the performance @ Cats Cradle last year on the music festival was the best! Hope you get to play on big stages more often.

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