Jazz in a smaller town? (Jazz Organ Project 32/250)

I’m focused on becoming a very good jazz organist. As I watch videos of myself practicing and performing, I can tell that I’m improving gradually. The purpose of the Jazz Organ Project category of this blog is that it will be finished after 250 blog posts, or approximately five years (give or take).

At post 32, I can feel the clock ticking. Where will I be at the end of this? Suppose by then I’m a very good musician, with a great regional reputation for being a great dude. What will I actually do musically at that point? Will it be possible to live out my musical career living in the Triangle area of NC?

Until recently, my goal has been to move back to New York City whenever my daughter is old enough to live on her own. I miss NYC and all of my friends there, and I feel like I left my heart there. But what will NYC be like 15 years from now? Would we be able to justify the financial burden of living there? I realized that I was romanticizing my life in NYC and using it as a carrot for working hard on music.

What would it look like to be a successful jazz organist living in NC? I don’t know yet, but there are organists I need to talk to. Jim Alfredson and Tony Monaco are both successful and don’t live in NYC.

Other very successful and dedicated jazz musicians call North Carolina home, and I need to find out what their life looks like looks like, and perhaps aim towards that- musicians like Keith Ganz and Kate McGarry, Al Strong, etc.

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  1. Bruce Alexander says:

    NYC doesn’t need you.
    We do.

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