January News

Happy new year!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our CD release party at The Station. Sadly, it’s our last appearance there as Southern Rail/The Station closed their doors for good just a few days later. We had a great time playing there twice a month since 2010.

We’re excited to be doing a Carrboro Lunchbox Concert. It’s a free lunchtime concert at the Century Center in downtown. I’m really looking forward to this rare daytime appearance.

I’m working on a new regular Sunday night gig for the band in Chapel Hill (hint: its a ‘Bar’ where you can drink ‘Wine’ on the ‘West’ ‘End’ of Franklin Street.) Stay tuned for details on that.

And we’re thankful to still have our regular gigs at Looking Glass, City Tap, and Fair Game Beverage.

We sold out of our first printing of our new CD in record time. The next printing is due on my doorstep in 3 days, so place your order now:


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