iRealB – Other Useful Features

A while ago, I wrote a review of the amazing app iRealB, a mobiel device tool for jazz musicians. Since my original post, I have found a few other uses for the app that I’d like to share.

iRealB is a very efficient way to transpose and print out chord charts. For singers or for instruments that need to have a song in a different key, you can transpose a song and create a PDF within seconds, and the printed chord charts from iRealB are among the most readable I’ve ever seen. You still don’t get a melody printed out, but it certainly gets the job done in terms of chords.

The publisher of iRealB has added a couple of great new features geared towards practicing music as well. My favorite is the option to increase the tempo of the backing tracks after each time a chorus is repeated. Recently I was boggled by the song ‘I Could Write A Book’- the minor 2-5’s just came in an odd place for me and I was having trouble. I created a practice ‘song’ containing minor 2-5-1’s and started playing the song at 40bpm. I set iRealB to increase the tempo by 1 beat per minute for each repetition, and just practiced until I was able to play over the changes up to speed. Then I did the same thing for the chords to ‘I Could Write A Book’, and everything began to fall into place.

The other educational feature is that you can have a song change keys after each chorus. I plan to use this feature a lot in the future, but it seems a little overwhelming right now!

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