I read an internet post recently written by a piano teacher. He said that the biggest problem with his adult students is that when they begin taking lessons, they have no idea how much work is involved in learning to play. Often they become frustrated with their slow progress and quit their lessons.

I am relatively new to the jazz organ, having only played the instrument for three years now. But I have been a musician for long enough to realize that learning to play and improvise on a new instrument is a slow process for me. It’s a journey with long stretches of work which show little progress, plenty of wrong turns, and joyful moments of accomplishment.

I had a few years of piano lessons when I was in elementary school. Like most other adult musicians, I wish I had practiced a lot more back then when I had the time. Now that I have a family and a busy schedule, practice time is scarce and precious. And like those disillusioned adult piano students, I’m impatient to get better! The difference between them and me is that I know that it is going to take a ton of work.

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