I’m sick. What now?

I was sick in bed all week last week. In order to fulfill my basic responsibilities such as picking up my daughter from school and making it to my gig every night, I had to rest in bed all day and conserve my energy.

It felt strange to lie there and fall behind on my practice schedule. Not only did I not make any progress in the week, but I felt like I took a step backwards.

Or did I? I woke up yesterday feeling a little better, and I had that strange feeling that my brain had been rewired. After a week out of my routine, and with nothing else to do but think, I was thinking about music from a slightly different perspective.

One thing my brain did subconsciously while in the dreamy half-sleep state is to dream up new fingerings for things I had been working on. Some of these, for lack of a better description, are more ‘forward thinking’ fingerings where I might choose a fingering that doesn’t make sense until a few notes later- when it sets my hand up in a better position for what comes next. Probably a result of my two months of playing bebop lines in all 12 keys in both hands.

Thought a lot about performing, and about stuff my teachers had told me in the past, but I hadn’t worked on enough.

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