Five Ways To Stay Happy (Jazz Organ Project 58/250)

Jazz careers can be emotionally tough, for many obvious reasons. There are a few simple things I do to help myself stay happy.

I’ll start with the easiest and least expensive things:

1. Exercise – vigorous exercise for about 1 hour four times a week.

2. Diet – plant-based diet. Lately I’ve added ‘intermittent fasting’ which is a fancy word for only eating food between noon and 8pm.

3. Gratitude – I write in a journal about five minutes a day about anything and everything that pops into my head that I’m thankful for. Also, write people thank-you notes.

4. Vitamin D and Turmeric – A big help for me. I do about 4000iu of Vitamin D and about 2 grams of Turmeric powder with black pepper added.

5. Sauna and ice bath – I do 30 minutes in a 170degree sauna, then immediately jump into a bathtub filled with ice water. You have to trust me on this. We have a sauna at home, but I think many gyms have them.

I also have messed around with meditation, and it’s great too, but I haven’t found my stride with it yet.

Good luck fighting the blues!

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