Finger independence (Jazz Organ Project 36/250)

Finger independence is so important on the organ.  If you’ve ever tackled a Bach fugue, or transcribed a Jimmy Smith jazz organ solo, you’ll immediately see why.

Before tackling this Goldberg variation, your chops better be in amazing shape:








You have to have strong, agile, independent fingers.  I first learned this when I started to tackle jazz improvisation.  I think a good keyboardist needs to practice all types of scales and arpeggios.  But another ingredient is being able to make your fingers move in odd, independent ways; at least odd from the perspective of switching to keyboard after playing bass for many years.

Thankfully, there’s Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises book:

Get ready to get your butt kicked old-school.  As a beginning keyboard player, this book was really tough. Exercises 1-10 contain the bulk of this books message, which is essentially “Get ready for your hands to be very sore.”

I recommend you spend the ten bucks and buy this book.

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