Find Your Superpower (Jazz Organ Project 64/250)

There are many people out there who play the same instrument as you. How do you distinguish yourself?

Maybe you can’t play bass as fancy as Victor Wooten, but you can lay down a solid, supportive groove, and your smile lights up the bandstand.

Maybe you have a tone on the trumpet that flows like a river, and you can tell a story with just a few notes.

Maybe you show up early to gigs and give other musicians a little help carrying their equipment into the venue.

Or perhaps you use your instrument to immediately fix whatever might be going awry on stage at any particular moment, by subtly but firmly helping the band find structure.

I thought my super power was that I could hear the chord changes to a song as I played it in real-time by ear. (Easier on bass than organ, because you can get away with playing just the roots).

A friend of mine once pointed out to me that my super power is that I’m a Wonder Twin. Whatever musical situation I’m tossed into, I’ll very quickly figure out my musical role and rise up to the level of the other musicians. It’s as if I’m saying “Wonder Twin Powers Activate — Form of 1940’s Bebop” or ” — 1980’s Hair Metal” or whatever. I’ve always loved jumping into different types of bands, so I think this is a cool super power.

What’s yours?

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