Find Balance (Jazz Organ Project 65/250)

We are in the month of Libra. As a Libra myself, I like for my life to be balanced.

What about balance within a musical career? Balance is multi-faceted for me.

I try to find a decent balance between playing bass and keyboards. Within the bass category, I need to find a balance between gigs on double bass and gigs on electric bass, all while limiting myself to doing gigs which pay in accordance to my experience and skill level. In keyboards, I try to keep the balance tilted towards organ vs. piano.

I also need to find a balance between gigs that pay well with ones that don’t.

Musicians sometimes get called to do gigs that pay well, but which might skew their career in an odd direction. For example, a bebop jazz bass player may get called to be the touring bass player in a top country band. It’s difficult to refuse the money, and all of a sudden they are on the road with a country band for years, losing everything they worked so long to accomplish.

Keep balance in mind when deciding what gigs to commit to.

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