February News

Hello, welcome to my website!

I’m making a few changes now as I attempt to streamline my life a bit.

I’ve simplified the list of upcoming gigs not to include links to websites and maps. Whew- it’s so much easier to do now.

I don’t plan to continue my blog.

I’ve deleted my Facebook account, and I don’t currently plan to maintain a social media presence.

I’ll keep the email list, but I will no longer send out email on a monthly basis. I don’t think that people appreciate receiving email; in general I don’t either.

You can always check here at www.DougLargent.com to see a current list of shows.

I’ll be spending my time writing kick-ass songs with Jo Gore, rehearsing and making videos with Michael Berliner, practicing the jazz organ, and managing all things musical for N.C. Arts in Action. Those are the things that are important to me.

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