February News

February starts our weekly residency at The Standard in Chapel Hill, where we will be playing every Sunday and every second Friday of the month. If you are walking to the different venues during the Second Friday Art Walk, The Standard always has interesting pieces on display.

Our other regular shows are at Venable, where we will be playing roughly every third Saturday afternoon, and 2nd Wind, where the manager Steve has declared “We will do this more than once!” I almost forgot to include our bi-weekly show at The Station. If you live in Carrboro, I hope you like our music, because we will be hard to avoid.

Stop by The Blue Note Grill on a Monday night, and you are likely to see musicians like Eve Cornelius, Tom Browne, Al Strong, or Freeman Ledbetter, all who came to a recent session in January. If you play jazz, we welcome musicians of any skill level.

In my double life as a double bassist, I’ll be playing with Shana Tucker on February 2nd in Garner, and I’ll be playing bass for Peace University’s production of Into The Woods. Hope to see you all soon!

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