Emotional Detachment (Jazz Organ Project 40/250)

I had a Skype lesson this week with a great organist Brian Charette http://www.briancharette.com/. He had many great ideas for me and I immediately feel much more confident about my music career.

One piece of advice that immediately helped me was “Sit up with good posture, relax, and detach yourself emotionally.”  Don’t worry about getting it right.

This is something I still need to practice for it to come naturally, but here’s what I’m beginning to be able to do.  I’ve always had moments while playing where I was able to let go and feel free, and music flows out of me naturally.  What I’m learning is that this state of mind is my natural state, and the only thing that throws me out of it is worrying about if I’m going to play the right thing or not.

Good stuff- can’t wait to try it out on tonight’s gig.

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