Do The Reps(Jazz Organ Project 56/250)

I did a very nice studio session today where I laid down piano tracks for two songs, and also recorded an acoustic bass track. It was relaxed, and I’m proud to say I played really well. My creative juices were flowing and I felt relaxed and connected to my instruments.

I feel comfortable in a recording studio environment, but that was not always the case. Recording studios used to make me super neurotic: every tiny mistake felt like a huge deal, even if nobody else noticed it.

Over the course of hundreds of sessions over many years, finally my sweaty palms and neuroticism gradually faded away.

Musicians, record yourself every day. If you don’t have a smart phone, pick up a cassette recorder at the thrift store and use that. In a way, the worse the sound quality of the recording media the better, because you won’t waste any energy falling in love with the sound of the recording, you’ll just be checking out the playing.

When you listen back to the recording, try to let go and enjoy it. Notice all of the great things about your playing. Let your subconscious mind note all of the things that bug you about how you played- no need to dwell on them. You’ll be happy you did the reps.

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