Dave Jackson Makes A Demo Recording

Dave Jackson has been coming to the Blue Note Grill monday night jam sessions for nearly a year. He is one of my favorite musicians to sit in at the session, because he gets better every time I hear him play.

Dave is a senior at Durham Academy Upper School. He’s in the process of applying to colleges right now, and wanted to make a good audio/video demo recording. I don’t know if he is planning to be a music major in college (I didn’t decide to be a full-time musician until after I graduated from college) but great schools everywhere appreciate an applicant who is disciplined and creative enough to play jazz.

Todd Proctor and I showed up at the auditorium at DA today where they have a very nice piano. After setting up bass, drums, and microphones, Dave changed into a splendid looking outfit with a shiny red necktie. After a few warm-up recordings, we laid down excellent takes of Billie’s Bounce, Song For My Father, and All The Things You Are. Dave’s musicianship was spot-on throughout, and I was also impressed by his leadership skills: he was able to pull together recording equipment, video equipment, and a professional band and make a killer product.

All during his lunch period. Good luck Dave – you’re the man.

Unfortunately, I was too busy to take pictures during the session, but I did get a cool shot of Todd Proctor jamming at the piano during sound check:

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