Classical Organ (Jazz Organ Project 38/250)

I cannot say anything about classical organ music without looking like a complete uneducated ass. That’s how little I know about the subject.

I have had a handful of pipe organ lessons, a fantastic textbook, and a Hammond organ to practice on. The Hammond B3 is not ideal for playing classical, but it works fine for me at this point.

Putting aside for now the theory and history I don’t know, I know the basic mechanics behind how to play the pipe organ. I practice it for about an hour a day, and it’s become my favorite thing to do. Here’s why I love it and why I think everyone should play classical:

1. The music as it is written on the page is already perfect. You just need to practice it and know how to interpret it. I often find myself moved to tears by how good something sounds as I’m hacking my way through it. It’s also amazing to think that someone living as long as 400 years ago could write music that can still touch peoples hearts.

2. You are working on sight reading skills on a daily basis. I’ve run into people before who have said that sight reading isn’t important. I’ve also been on gigs where people looked pretty dumb if they couldn’t read.

3. Reading organ music is so challenging for a beginner like me. I mean reading right and left hand is already hard enough, but adding my feet is an extreme mind bender for me. I enjoy the challenge of being a beginner.

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  1. Nick Balaban says:

    Geez, you are a superman! I picked up ukulele a couple years ago, which is about as far as I can stretch (guitar is too hard, as it has too many strings)… Come to NY for a minute, dammit! We miss you!

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