Ben Palmer: It’s All About Letting the Soloist Drive It

Doug: Ben, you and I are both originally bass players. At the Blue Note jam session, you play archtop guitar, and I play organ. First of all, let me say it’s a pleasure to be able to play with you, where when we were both playing bass, we would never have a chance to!

I feel that as a former bass player, I’m driven to be supportive when playing the organ, and not to rely too much on licks or tricky techniques. Or maybe I just don’t have the chops yet to do that stuff! How do you think that being a bass player informs your guitar playing? Thanks!

Ben: Thanks Doug. What a great unexpected surprise, you and I, both bassists, neither playing bass on the same gig. I take that back, your left hand slams on that lower keyboard! Everyone has been thoroughly enjoying your organ playing and the great energy you bring to the jam.

I feel the same way about comping. As a bassist, you spend most of the gig doing your best to make who ever is in front so comfortable, they can do their best playing. I take a little less strict a role on guitar, I don’t feel like I have to outline every chord, I can lay out a bit. I do love to dig in on some Freddie Green quarter notes! That’s the rhythmic home turf for a bassist. It’s all about letting the soloist drive it. See you tonight. B

Thanks, Ben Palmer

Jazz Jam Session -mondays 7-10
Bluenote Grill Durham

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  1. Sean Geist says:

    Well said Ben, thanks guys!

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