August News

After a 17-year break, I’ll be back at the Cave in Chapel Hill. It’s going to be a real flashback to play music in there again. I remember being the house bass player for the Cave’s Sunday night blues jam in 1991 when I was a freshman or sophomore in college. Someone would pick me up at my dorm room at midnight, we jammed until about 3am, got to sleep at about 4:30 and I was a zombie for the rest of the week. Now, we play music at a more respectable hour, but the Cave hasn’t changed a bit! I’ll miss the Defender arcade game they used to have in the back room…

A lot of my August is going to be consumed by Rocky Horror Picture rehearsals and shows at Raleigh Little Theater. Drop by if you want to see me playing bass on stage wearing fake eyelashes and a green tutu.

I’m looking forward to Friday night at the Casbah with The Tim Smith Band. Tim is a great dude, and he has awesome dreadlocks. We have known each other since about 1994, but in spite of that he still tolerates me playing in his band.

I’m playing organ with the Hobex All-Stars in downtown Raleigh in a couple weeks. This is a great band. It’s a dream team of musicians playing rock, funk, and R&B. It’s also a fulfillment of my long-time goal of working with Greg Humphries.

The Doug Largent trio is playing at all of our regular haunts this month. Pop by the Station, the Cave, Company Shops Market, or Unwine’d Wine Bar in August and feast your eyes upon TJ’s trend-setting headwear.

Our new CD Right In The Pocket is being manufactured right now. We will be releasing it in mid-September if we don’t hit any stumbling blocks along the way. Have a great month, thanks for dropping by.

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