August News

My trio has a couple of shows this week. One will be our regular Irregardless gig on Friday, and then Saturday we will be returning to Brice’s Brewing.

I’m honored to be part of a new music collective called The Raleigh Jazz Quartet, and I’m looking forward to playing with them tonight at the ultra-hip Watts and Ward in Raleigh. (Shh… don’t tell any of the guys that I’m from Carrboro!)

Come check out the Tim Smith Band in its full glory at Weaver Street Market! Don’t miss this rare chance to see the entire 7-piece band in action. Also, don’t miss the slightly-less-rare chance to see the Tim Smith 3 at 2nd Wind.

Carolyn Mitchell always puts on an excellent show at Irregardless. I’ll be playing acoustic bass with her and maybe sitting in on a keyboard song or two.

Finally, I’ll be joining the Todd Proctor Trio at C. Grace in Raleigh, where we will bombard our way through some energetic standards and tasty originals.

See you there.

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