August News

Some of you younger folks think of August as being back-to-school time. For the majority of us, it’s just about time to start thinking about winterizing our RV. Personally, I abandoned my RV in the woods behind the Wilson Park years ago, so I have no worries. But I sure miss the convenience of a propane-powered refrigerator and CB radio.

We have a couple of shows at The Station in Carrboro. I think it’s going to be a regular biweekly show. Also, we’ll be back in Pittsboro at City Tap.

The other big news is that we’re putting out a CD. We just finished recording it the other day. “Why are you putting out a CD? What about MySpace or Napster? Why don’t you just put your music out using those?” But you have to realize that when I first got a CD player in 1989 or so, CD’s were all about $39 each, and had Japanese words written all over them. I only had about 2 CD’s. One of them was Relaxin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet, a Japanese import which I bought used for $20 at Back Door Records.

When I got it, I listened to it five million times non-stop. Then, when I got sick of listening to it, I bought a music notebook and wrote out all of the solos.

I guess for me, CD’s are still a shiny, exotic thing which serve as tangible proof that you didn’t just sit at home on your ass, but went out to a recording studio and sweated it out for a few days.

They also look great hanging from your RV’s rearview mirror. See you in Pittsboro!

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