Anytune Pro+ Is My New Favorite Thing Ever

I am having a great week with my iPhone! First, I downloaded the app Spreaker, and it is just fantastic. Then I joined Facebook. Then I upgraded to iOS 7.

I had been searching for a way to learn fancy fast organ licks, and I ran across Anytune Pro+ on the App Store. At $15, I was a little wary of buying it right away. But after reading some of the 180 great reviews, I went ahead and bought it.

Anytune is a tool which takes a song and slows it down, so you can hear what’s going on with the fast bits. It allows you to loop a short segment of music in order to figure it out. One of the coolest parts is that you can download the audio from a YouTube clip – so if you find something cool on YouTube it will help you figure it out!

I am using Anytune right now to transcribe a burning Jack McDuff blues organ solo. So fun!

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