Another Metronome Trick

When I practice scales and exercises every day, I always use a metronome. First, I play quarter notes (one note per click), then progress to eighth notes, eighth note triplets, and sixteenth notes.

Usually, I would just start playing along with the metronome and hope for the best. However, Steve Anderson has taught me a little trick called ‘resetting’ – stop playing for a second and count out loud for a few beats. For instance, “One-e-and-a Two-e-and-a Three-e-and-a Four-e-and-a” for practicing sixteenths notes.

I never would have thought of doing this, but it is marvelous for getting the fingers in sync with the beat. Often, I have found that when I ‘reset’ my triplets or sixteenth notes, their tempo is much different than I imagined!

A simple and very effective tool.

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